Here is How The Roulette Wheel Was Invented

Live RouletteThere are several theories about the origin of roulette. Betting on a spinning device that stops on a random number is said to have begun with the Romans. Spinning shields or chariot wheels for entertainment evolved into a popular form of gambling that spread to many cultures. French scientist Blaise Pascal is credited with inventing the first roulette wheel. However, that is a bit of a stretch.

While trying to create a perpetual motion machine, he came up a little short. However, the device he made spun smoothly, for a long time. It was perfect for gaming, and eventually became the roulette wheel as we know it today.

What do you mean, Live?

live-dealerWith online live roulette, you are tuning into a live croupier taking bets and spinning an actual wheel. Interaction is casual and friendly. It gives a very enjoyable, realistic gambling experience.

Live roulette is one of the most simple games you can play. A ball drops onto a spinning, numbered wheel. You place bets on where you think the ball will stop on. Seems pretty easy, right? Well, it can be. But, there are a multitude of different bets that you can make with just as many different odds. You can place a single bet, or as many as you like.

There are 36 numbers on the wheel that alternate red/black. European live roulette has a single house number, “0”. American live roulette wheels have 2 house numbers, “0”, and “00”. This changes the odds somewhat between the two. The table holds the wheel, and has a betting surface with all numbers laid out in rows and columns. The house numbers at the top. There are also spaces to bet even/odd, and black/red. Each player gets their own colour of chips, since all players can play any space.
Different casinos may have different minimums and limits, but most will require a separate minimum wager for inside (the individual numbers), or outside (groups of numbers, odd/even, black/red) bets.

Placing your chips completely on one number pays 35 to 1. You can also place your stack on the line separating 2 numbers and play them both at 17 to one. By putting your bet on any corner where 4 numbers touch, you play all 4 at 8 to one. The layout of the numbers allows easy grouping for playing columns or rows such as 1st twelve, second twelve, third twelve. There are several combinations and groupings that pay different odds. Black/red pays even money, as does odd/even.

Where to play Live Roulette

Over the past decade or so, online gaming has boomed. A quick search will bring up hundreds of sites. Stick to the larger, more reputable places like All Slots, Platinum Play and Jackpot City, which offer live roulette games. Besides the professionalism you get at a reputable site, casinos like these will offer you the best bonus promotions, and security.

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